Jessi June Amateur


Atlanta Georgia USA
5' 7''
110 lbs
Meet Amateur Jessi June, a glamour model from southern Florida . “I’m from a small town, just north of Miami,” says Jessi, brushing her auburn hair over her shoulder. “I’m a bit of a nerd. I’m a Star Wars fan, I stay up late playing Halo and Call of Duty, and I love Marvel comics, especially the Avengers.” Jessi is every guy’s dream girl – not only does she love video games, but she’s a successful nude model, with over forty states and hundreds of credits to her name. “When I first started nude modeling, I was nervous,” she says. “But now I’m comfortable with my body. And really, what girl wouldn’t want to shoot for Playboy?” Jessi is a full time model – she does glamour and promotional modeling, and travels for several months at a time – but when she’s not working, she’s out with her friends. “When it comes to guys,” she says, “I want someone sweet, caring, with a sense of humor. And it doesn’t hurt if he’s a Star Wars fan, too.”

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