Hiromi Oshima Playmate


Tokyo, Japan
5' 4''
108 lbs
East meets West with Hiromi Oshima, our Miss June 2004. She's a rare beauty, all natural, with sleek black hair and brown eyes, and has the distinction of being our first-ever Japanese Playmate. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Hiromi was on vacation in Florida when she was spotted by a Playboy photographer. "I could never have been a model in Japan," she says. "I would be considered too busty." Not too busty for America, and certainly not for Playboy - she finished her degree in communications, moved to Miami Beach, and we flew her out for the 50th Anniversary Playmate Search. After a few issues of Special Editions - including the cover of Exotic Beauties - she was named Miss June 2004. "I was thrilled," she says, "but my parents had been strict, and I had never posed nude before!" These days, Hiromi is living in Los Angeles, and she's just as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it - she's one of our most popular Playmates, and not only does she continue to pose for us, but she became a photo production coordinator for Special Editions.

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