Alexandra Lyon Amateur


5' 4''
Before I started Playboy I was starting to take myself more seriously. I didn't really have too much direction as to what I wanted to do when it came to modeling. When I started posing for Playboy I felt that it's something I wanted to continue being a part of, it's like a big family. I changed my whole perspective on my entire life and wanted to be a part of something much greater than I ever imagined. I have a quad and I like to go out and ride in sand, mud and even catch a bit of air. I love to go off-roading and getting dirty, it's one of my favorite things to do. Anything to do with nature, like camping, is really cool. I've never gone white-water rafting but I've been really interested in trying that. I'm very adventurous; I love doing things that get me all excited. If I had to choose one piece of lingerie, I have really, really cute black undies that I love. They're lacy and they have little rhinestones on them; they're really cute.

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