Chelsie Loraine Cybergirl


Tacoma, WA United States
5' 5''
117 lbs
Get hopped up on Cybergirl Chelsie Loraine, a student from Tacoma, Washington. "I'm a student and a bikini barista at a local coffee shop," she says. "I'm also a vegetarian and a real animal lover." Chelsie made her debut at our Phoenix 2009 casting call, and one thing led to another until she was Cybergirl of the Week in November 2010. "I've done a lot of Special Editions, too," she says. "Girls With Girls, Natural Beauties, even the calendar." When she's not working, Chelsie is still pretty scantily clad - she plays on a local girls' football team in pads and lingerie. "It's pretty gritty," she says, laughing. "And a ton of fun!"

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